101 uses for a conical flask!

101 uses for a conical flask!

King Scientific are suppliers of Laboratory Equipment. Our product range of Laboratory Glassware is growing all the time on our new website. Conical Flasks or Erlenmeyer Flasks have been one of our most popular items for some time now.

In a recent conversation with a customer it became obvious that many buyers are not using them for what we might be used to as laboratory suppliers.

This is the inspiration for our latest blog where we explore a staggering 101 uses for a common conical flask!

What is the appeal of a conical shape flat bottomed glass flask with a cylindrical neck!? It might sound rather dull to the unimaginative mind but thanks to a German chemist called Emil Erenmeyer we can have this discussion.

#1: Rain Gauge (Rain Catcher)

Rain in the school holidays can often spell disaster for parents & childminders. Why not make a simple rain gauge with a 1 litre conical flask and a plastic funnel (also available on our website). After a few days of the British weather you can show the kids how much rain has fallen & discuss the impact of global warming on our environment.


Keep checking back for further instalments of 101 uses for a conical flask!